“I’m Not Ready for Change”: Benefits of Assisted Living for Independent Older Adults

If you’re like most individuals, you want to retain as much freedom and self-direction as possible. After all, you’ve been independent for most of your life. You might even reject moving to a senior living community because you fear losing your independence. However, there are several benefits of assisted living. Moving to a new

The Negative Effects of Seniors Living Alone

Older adults live alone for various reasons, ranging from divorces to grown children moving away. However, seniors living alone are at an increased risk of isolation and loneliness. Studies show that social isolation and loneliness have devastating effects on seniors’ health and well-being: 7.7 million seniors in the United States, or 24% of adults

Benefits of an Assisted Living in Huntsville, TX.

The Benefits of an Assisted Living Community for Seniors in Huntsville, TX. It is no secret that the population of seniors is growing rapidly. Suppose you are a senior citizen living in Huntsville, TX, and have been considering an assisted living community for your retirement needs. In that case, there's a lot to consider before

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