Moving to a Senior Living Community

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Moving to a senior living community can feel emotional and overwhelming. Often, aging parents are in denial, while adult children feel guilty for suggesting the idea. After you’ve had several open and honest conversations, it’s time to move forward together.

Having doubts or fears about the future is normal, but you don’t have to handle them alone. The welcoming team at Sundale Senior Living in Huntsville, TX, can help you navigate the journey and create an apartment space that feels like home.

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The Community Tour

Like purchasing a new home, choosing an assisted living community begins with an in-person tour. Attending an open house with your real estate agent aims to see whether the home checks the boxes off your wishlist. In the same light, touring an assisted living community helps determine whether it’s right for you.

Although you can view photos online, in-person tours have several additional benefits:

When you tour a community in-person, you can get a feel for the atmosphere. Walking the hallways, viewing the apartments, and watching the staff and residents interact helps you grasp what life would be like there.

Living in a community environment means receiving daily support tailored to your needs from friendly staff members. Meeting these individuals face-to-face lets you see what interacting with them would be like each day.

As you tour a community, you can look at the nutritious, chef-inspired meal options, check out the dining room, and even taste the food.

Your neighbors are essential factors when considering a home purchase, and the same is true for assisted living. When you tour, spark a conversation with current residents. Do you have common interests? Are they friendly and welcoming?

Performing research and bringing a list of questions to the tour is great, but you’ll likely have more as you walk through the halls and common areas. In-person tours let you naturally ask questions as they arise, giving you more information and confidence.

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Preparing for the Move to Assisted Living

After you’ve toured several places, asked questions, and gained the knowledge needed to make a confident decision, your next step is to prepare for moving day. Where do you start? How can you make the transition seamless for your family?

If you feel emotional about moving from home to a new place, that’s okay. Similarly, if you mourn the loss of your childhood home when your parents move, that’s normal, too. It’s in your best interest to acknowledge that the move will feel overwhelming so that you can be hopeful for the next chapter.

Some ways to start the moving process include:

  • Visiting your apartment or another available unit to understand its size better. Doing so can ensure your furniture fits and help you envision your new life. You can also greet the residents and staff you met during your in-person tour.
  • Coordinating with the community director to gather medical history and prepare a routine services plan. The community will prepare for your arrival and welcome you with open arms.

For Adult Children & Caregivers

Moving to a senior living community is challenging for all parties. As an adult child or caregiver, you may wonder whether encouraging your parent or parents to move was the right choice.

You’re not alone – try reaching out to trusted friends and family members for support. Additionally, remember that you’re coming from a place of love and truly want what’s best for your family.

Feeling lost or sad during the process is okay – it shows that you care. Ensure you have a trusted support network to guide and help you stay positive for your parents.

Additionally, consider working with a moving company that helps your parents downsize. Doing so can help ensure a smooth transition and clear the remaining items.


Moving to Assisted Living: What to Expect

Moving day can be chaotic, with checklists, boxes, coordination, and last-minute issues. Although there will likely be hiccups, you can do some things in advance to make the big day less stressful:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Although you’ll likely have a lot on your mind, try to get plenty of sleep. Being well-rested and energetic can improve your mood and help you handle whatever the day brings.
  • Set out comfortable clothes. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable as you move around. At the same time, you don’t want to ruin nice clothes accidentally. Ensure you set out older clothes and comfortable, supportive shoes.
  • Put a box of essentials together. Depending on how many boxes you bring, you may not have enough time in a single day to settle in completely. Instead of attempting to locate and unpack toiletries, medications, phone chargers, and other “must-haves,” assemble a box with those items for your first night.

For Adult Children & Caregivers

As someone helping older adults move into assisted living, it’s important to acknowledge that the day will be stressful. Give yourself and your family grace in the process – moving from one place to another is a significant adjustment.

Help your loved ones unpack and arrange their new apartment. If possible, stick around for your parents’ first community meal – having a familiar face in an intimidating situation can help ease their nerves.

Google Reviews

The Lexington Center staff are very friendly to everyone who comes in. You can tell immediately that they love the residents because they love what they do. There is always just “happy” noise in the atmosphere. The community has beautiful, Southern Plantation decor and architecture. The rooms are spacious and the common areas are beautiful as well with lots of windows and feels open with lots of sunshine!


Lorri Vickers

It’s a really great place to work at. The staff are really joyful to work with everyone works as a team and gets along great with each other. The main reason I work there is because the residents are so happy there you can tell they really enjoy the community and how well thay are looked after by the nursing staff we all go the extra mile to make them feel right at home.


Karen Clarke, Employee

When I moved here, I didn’t know what to expect since I’d never lived anywhere but home. From the very start, I felt nothing but absolute concern and interest in my health and well-being. There has never been anytime that I’ve doubted I was in the right place.


Mike Marrow, Sundale Resident

The staff and administration at Sundale are simply outstanding. I feel so blessed to be here with such caring people.


Vicky Taylor, Sundale Resident

I have been so impressed by the compassion and care the staff has for residents. The relationships are truly that of family. I can’t imagine a better place for late in life care.


Kendra Berry

Sundale Makes Assisted Living Services in Texas Hassle-Free

At Sundale Senior Living, we aim to smooth the transition to assisted living. When you visit our renovated community for an in-person tour, we’ll answer all your questions and ensure you feel welcomed and comfortable.

We offer senior respite care in Huntsville, TX, if you or your loved one is unsure whether assisted living is the right fit. All individuals in respite stay enjoy the same amenities and engaging programs as full-time residents – without the commitment.

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If you’re interested in an in-person tour or learning more about moving to a senior living community, we’re here to help. Call us today to learn more about assisted living in Huntsville, Texas.